Redeeming your points is super easy! Simply apply your points balance at checkout and use it like cash. There is no minimum required amount before you can spend your points.

500 Points = $5 Rewards
1,000 Points = $10 Rewards
2,000 Points = $20 Rewards
5,000 Points = $50 Rewards

* By joining the MedPeel Reward Program you will be able to start earning and using your points right away. MedPeel does reserve the right to alter/manage/deduct rewards points if a customer returns an order or is found to have misused this free loyalty rewards program. Certain rewards and points can only be redeemed once per customer. Your custom referral link should not be posted on general posts, blogs, & or similar sites and should only be used to refer friends, family & colleagues. Medpeel reserves the right to alter and or change the rewards program at any time, however points you have earned will always be visible and available for use.