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I want to begin with adding one type of peel to my list of spa services. Which should I choose?

Many estheticians choose Glycolic peels for this purpose. They are mild, easy to use, and address many anti-aging issues.

Can I use a microdermabrasion machine on my client prior to applying a chemical peel?

Generally speaking, if you are using the appropriate strength and type of peel for your client’s skin then the there is no need for the microdermabrasion. Some professionals like to combine the use of microdermabrasion and a light strength peel. This should be done with extreme caution by experienced professionals. Many factors need to be considered when choosing how and when to perform that type of procedure and we do not advise on how to do so.

How much should I charge for peel/skincare services?

Prices vary widely from state to state and even city to city. For that reason, we do not offer suggested pricing but we do recommend that you review your nearest competitor’s pricing to help you with your decision.

I want to begin offering body peels for my clients. Which peel should I use?

The skin on the body (arms, legs, hands, etc.) is generally much thicker than the face and will need a stronger type of peel. TCA 20% - 30% can be used on light skin tones to address sun damage, anti-aging, and skin texture. Medium to Dark skin tones will benefit from Glycolic 70% peels and AHA Vitamin C 70% peels. Salicylic 20% - 30% can be used for oily/acne skin on the body. Keep in mind that the body may not produce as much visible peeling as the face and may take much longer to actually begin peeling following the procedure. You must also have your clients commit to a series of peel treatments for best results. Chemical peels are great for exfoliating skin that has become dark due to sun exposure and thus creating a more even tone but they will not lighten your client’s natural skin tone or have a bleaching effect.

Do you sell Retin A to apply after a peel procedure?

No, we do not sell pharmaceutical drug products.

How do I incorporate a peel into a full facial treatment? When do I do extractions?

You should not perform a full facial treatment if you are going to apply a peel to your client. We do not recommend that steam, massage, or extractions be performed on the same day as a peel treatment. You can resume full facial treatments 1-2 weeks following a peel or once your client’s skin has fully recovered.

I have used a peel that was too aggressive, or was too aggressively applied and my client’s skin has turned dark. What should I do?

First, keep in mind that many medium to deep peels are expected to cause the skin to appear dark during the recovery period therefore what you are seeing may be normal and expected. If several weeks have passed and your client’s skin is still dark then you can treat it similar to any other type of hyperpigmentation. We would recommend mild daily exfoliators and daily natural lightening skin care such as products containing Vitamin C. Broad spectrum sun protection is also an absolute must. We do not recommend that you re-apply an aggressive peel to try to remove damage already caused by an aggressive peel. Be advised that it may take several weeks or months to fully remove post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Can I perform waxing on a client the same day as a chemical peel application?

You should wait at least 3-5 days prior and following a chemical peel to perform any waxing treatments.

Are there any restrictions as to which peels and strengths can be used in my state / country?

Regulations regarding chemical peels vary widely from state to state and country to country. We do not keep a record of those regulations. All products sold on our website can be purchased and shipped to you, regardless of your location or professional status.You should check with your local licensing agency or government agency for accurate guidelines and restrictions for your area. Licensing restrictions apply to what you can use as a professional and charge money for. There are currently no restrictions on what you can purchase and apply to yourself, with or without a professional license.


What discount do I get as a skin care professional?

As a licensed professional, you get 25% Off listed retail prices on everything plus up to an additional 15% Off volume discount on select products.

What products qualify for the additional wholesale discount?

Currently all MedPeel products outside of our new skincare line of products are eligible for professional discounted pricing!

What are the discount tiers for wholesale items?

Professional - Wholesale discount is available per product at a rate of 25% off, and volume discount tiers are as follows:
50-74 qty = Additional 5% Off (Total 30%)
75-124 qty = Additional 10% Off (Total 35%)
125+ qty = Additional 15% Off (Total 40%)

Do you offer samples?

We apologize but we don't offer samples at this time. Should you need more info about a specific product, feel free to email us at