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TCA 20% Peel - Medium Strength


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The TCA 20% medium strength peel is perfect for experienced TCA users looking for a deeper peel with heavier peeling and who do not mind up to 2 weeks of downtime. This peel will firm and tighten sagging skin and will address deeper wrinkles and texture issues

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Trichloroacetic Acid, also known as TCA, is an effective chemical agent used to exfoliate and renew skin. TCA can be used to exclusively peel isolated areas of the skin. It is important to note that with applying the 20% TCA peel, it is highly recommended to first begin building up the skin's tolerance by using the TCA 10% Peel first with good result. The TCA 20% Peel is not recommended for darker skin tones due to increased risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

TCA is a deeper penetrating peel than AHA or BHA peels as it exfoliates the skin more rapidly upon initial contact. TCA peels are recommended for a range of skin conditions from breakouts, expression lines, wrinkles, discoloration, stretch marks and tone concerns. This is a highly effective acid that addresses most aging and environmental skin issues.

We recommend adding on the Basic Peel Essentials Kit for the application of this chemical peel.

Before Your Peel
For best results, prep the skin for a week prior to peel application with a daily exfoliator. We strongly recommend conducting a patch test 3 days before applying a peel to ensure no negative or unusual reactions occur.

After Your Peel
Generously apply Daily Collagen Complex or Hyaluronic Serum as needed for relief from tight, dry skin. Use a minimum of broad spectrum SPF 30 every day to protect healing skin. If you will be in the sun during the day, reapply SPF every 2-3 hours.


Moderate - Varies accordingly to individual skin traits. Minimal peeling and flaking is to be expected with a 7 to 10 day recuperation period.

TCA 20% Peel

Usage & Ingredients

1oz Acid Peels contain 5-7 applications



Please read complete instructions that arrive with your peel prior to applying peel. You can also read more about how to apply a chemical peel here.

Step 1:Wash the skin with a gel cleanser and pat dry. Then apply pre-peel solution using a cotton ball to ensure the skin is properly cleansed.
Step 2: Apply the TCA 20% peel to a gauze pad and smooth it over the desired area of the face, neck or decolletage.
Step 3: Allow the peel to set for no more than 30-60 seconds during the first application. Observe the reaction and note the results. During future treatments, you may increase the peel time and/or add a second coat. If the skin feels uncomfortable, apply cool water gauze compresses to calm the sensation.
Step 4: Remove the peel by applying the Neutralizer Solution directly over the applied area. Rinse the remaining solution with cool water. Gently pat the skin dry.
Step 5. Apply anti-aging serum, we recommend MedPeel Hyaluronic Replenish Serum.
Step 6: Follow with any moisturizer of your choice, we recommend the Hyaluronic Moisturizer Cream




TCA 20% Medical Grade Peel (1oz):
Water, Trichloroacetic Acid

"There are no U.S. laws or regulations that require cosmetics to have specific shelf lives or have expiration dates on their labels, but there is a time frame for when they should be used after opening. We recommend using the product 90 days after opening maximum. Unopened and kept in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, some products can last up to 2 years. While using older products may not be relatively harmful, the product may have lost some potency and may not be as effective as a newer, fresher product."


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
TCA 20

This peel had no effect on my skin. I followed the directions, even did 2 layers and there was no peel, not even redness. I will never purchase this again and would like my money back.

Samson Louis

Does not work as promised

Julie ONeill
Not what I had hoped for

The product seemed like it did not work, I never had any tingling, or frosting from applying it. No improvement from peel whatsoever?

Paige Stacy
Never received

Emailed customer service about getting a TCA bottle that had Neutralizer spray in it and they havent done anything about it. Wish I was lying but i damn well went through half a bottle thinking it just wasnt strong enough. Gave up and used my Other peel and then found out i had gotten Neutralizer instead of the TCA

Glo Skin Space
Bab batch

products were not the same as normal