What to Expect After Your First Chemical Peel

Although the name may sound a little scary, a “chemical peel” is a safe and effective way to manage chronic skin conditions, improve skin texture and tone, and provide some anti-aging benefits. However, when done correctly and when the right chemical peel is used for your skin type, you should see really good chemical peel results and experience minimal downtime and discomfort.  

Here we’ll discuss what to expect after your first chemical peel and, hopefully, dispel some of the scary myths you may have heard about them.  

Side Effects are Short-Lived and Mild
A common misconception about chemical peels is that they are painful and result in severe side effects. Although each person reacts differently, side effects from chemical peels are, for the most part, mild and short lived (usually within two weeks).

Your recovery timeline may look something like this:

  • First few hours - You may experience some tingling, redness, or burning
  • First few days - You may experience some irritation, dryness, or mild swelling
  • Day 2-3 - You many notice your skin start to peel or flake
  • Day 3-4 - Your skin may breakout or look slightly dark than usual
  • Day 5-7 - You should notice side effects start to taper off
  • Day 7-14 - You may notice some redness or skin that’s darker or lighter but you should also see the formation of new and healthy skin.


You Need Multiple Peels to Produce Good Chemical Peel Results
Although many people would like to achieve desired results after just one peel, the reality is that it typically takes multiple treatments to see good chemical peel results. We recommend getting multiple treatments over the span of several months to achieve the best chemical peel results.  

Your Skin Will Peel
A chemical peel is meant to “peel” away the top layer of skin so it goes without saying that you might experience some peeling within 3-5 days. The skin will flake the way it would after getting a sunburn. You should avoid picking, pulling or peeling the skin to avoid irritation and to achieve the best chemical peel results.

You Might Have to Skip Make-Up for A Bit
During the first 1-2 weeks, we recommend not using any make-up. Ingredients in cosmetics can sometimes irritate the skin and prolong your healing process.

Modify Your Skincare Routine
After getting a chemical peel, your body’s natural healing process will begin to kick in. So, it’s important to allow your skin time to heal and use the appropriate skincare products like cleansers, moisturizers, and sunblock.  

Avoid Overexertion and Heat
In order to avoid side effects like tingling, redness and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it’s important to keep your skin cool following a chemical peel. We recommend limiting your time outdoors, taking cool baths or showers, and avoid overdoing it during your workout for about a week after your chemical peel.  

You May Break Out
Many people use chemical peels to help with acne or improve the appearance of acne scars so when they break out after a chemical peel it’s disappointing. Unfortunately, the combination of inflammation and dead skin may cause breakouts. However, there is no reason to be alarmed. After a few days, your skin should clear up and look healthier than ever!

Now that you know what to expect after your first chemical peel, we hope we’ve taken out the fear factor.  

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