The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Clients for Spring and Wedding Season


As the chilly winter days make way for the warmth of spring, and wedding season approaches, estheticians have a unique opportunity to help their clients achieve a radiant and flawless look. With blooming flowers and love in the air, clients are eager to look their best for weddings, special events, and the changing season. Below, we'll explore some essential tips for estheticians on how to prepare their clients for the spring and wedding season.

Skin Preparation:

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate the skin after the harsh winter weather. Encourage clients to opt for facials that focus on hydration, exfoliation, and brightening - our Brightening AHA Vitamin C peels are the perfect way to achieve this. Discuss customized skincare routines to address any specific concerns they may have, such as dryness, uneven skin tone, or blemishes.

Hair Removal:

With warmer weather and special occasions on the horizon, many clients will be seeking hair removal services. Offer waxing and sugaring treatments to help clients achieve smooth, hair-free skin. Advise them on the importance of scheduling these treatments in advance to allow for any potential skin redness or irritation to subside.

Healthy Glow with Spray Tanning:

Spring often brings a desire for a sun-kissed glow. Introduce clients to the benefits of spray tanning as a safe alternative to harmful UV rays. Discuss the importance of exfoliation before the session and guide them on post-tanning care to maintain a natural-looking tan. Our Resurfacing AHA/PHA Scrub is both safe and effective for daily use, including on various areas on the body. 

Long-Lasting Makeup:

Share tips on achieving long-lasting makeup looks that can withstand springtime festivities. Discuss the use of primers, setting sprays, and waterproof products, especially for outdoor events. Offer makeup trials for brides to ensure they feel confident and comfortable with their chosen look.

Hydration and Skincare at Home:

Empower clients with knowledge about maintaining healthy skin at home. Recommend suitable skincare products and emphasize the importance of staying hydrated, especially as the weather warms up. Provide guidelines for protecting the skin from sun exposure with SPF products.

Relaxation and Stress Management:

Spring and wedding season can be stressful for clients. Consider incorporating relaxation techniques into your services, such as soothing massages or aromatherapy, to help clients unwind and destress before their special day.


As an esthetician, your expertise plays a vital role in helping clients look and feel their best during the spring and wedding season. By offering personalized skincare advice, beauty treatments, and a touch of pampering, you can contribute to the joy and confidence of your clients as they step into these memorable moments. Prepare your esthetics studio for the season, and watch as your clients blossom with radiance and beauty.